A Garage Door Company That's Been in Lubbock Since 1951

Overhead Door Company has been providing the city of Lubbock with quality garage doors and garage door repair since 1951.

Always look for the Overhead Door Red Ribbon Logo

The Red Ribbon logo is what defines all Overhead Door distributors across the US. Overhead Door Corporation's founder, CG Johnson actually invented the first upward-acting garage door in 1921 and the first electric garage door opener in 1926. The brand has been an iconic symbol for trust, loyalty, and good quality products for over 95 years.  Not every garage door company can wear the Red Ribbon logo, so it's important to always look for it when you're wanting the genuine, the original, Overhead Door Company of Lubbock.

Video Transcript:

"This is Barb. Barb is having some trouble with her garage door.

So what does Barb do?nShe does a quick search and calls for help. 

She knows that Overhead Door Company of Lubbock has been around for over 60 years. 

They’re the company we all know and trust. 

Owned and operated by the Hatch family. Yep, those guys. 

But unbeknownst to her, Barb made a mistake. She forgot to look for the Red Ribbon. 

You know, the iconic symbol that defines Overhead Door Company of Lubbock? That classy insignia that represents honesty and trust. 

She ended up calling an imposter. 

Silly man, that's the sprinkler system not the garage door.

Don't settle for an imposter, look for the Red Ribbon and choose the genuine, the original. Overhead Door Company of Lubbock."