Garage Doors

We offer a wide variety of garage doors that are perfect for homes in Lubbock and all across West Texas. 

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are the most popular option for homeowners in West Texas. They are affordable, durable, and are low maintenance.  There’s also the option to get them insulated. Garage doors made of steel are also available in many different sizes or can have windows and other custom designs.

tan garage door in lubbock

Traditional Steel Garage Doors

These steel garage doors are the type you will see on most homes as your driving through Lubbock. Simple design and the most affordable.


brown steel garage door that is insulated

Insulated Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors that are insulated will help keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter months. More style options available and are considered mid-range when it comes to price.

steel garage door that looks like real wood

Faux-Wood Steel Garage Doors

These steel garage doors look like real wood doors but are made of steel. They are also insulated and available in stained and painted finished to match your home. These garage doors are on the higher-end when it comes to price.

Specialty Garage Doors

These aren’t your typical garage doors.  Our specialty garage door products for homes include our glass doors with aluminum frames, which are perfect for outdoor patios, pool houses, or any other interior space you want to easily open to the outdoors.  We also have glass garage doors that have a frame-less design and a rolling shutter-style garage door that can be used on a number of home applications. 

glass garage doors with aluminum frame

Glass Aluminum Garage Doors

These garage doors are constructed with glass set in a durable aluminum frame. Perfect for outdoor patios, pool houses, or any indoor space you want to easily open to the outdoors. These are common doors in restaurants to expand the dining area.

wood garage door in lubbock texas

Real Wood Garage Doors

For a truly custom garage door that is unique and handcrafted, a real wood garage door is what you will want.  Wood garage doors do require some maintenance, but if you really want something that stands out, then this is what you will want.

roll up rolling shutter style garage door for driveway security

Roll-Up Shutter-Style Garage Door

One of the more unique garage doors we offer is a shutter-style garage door that rolls up instead of the traditional garage door that raises on a track in sections. These are popular for securing driveways or for outdoor patios and bars.

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