Rolling Steel Doors

Light-Duty Rolling Steel Service Doors

light rolling service door

The Overhead Door™ light duty rolling steel service door is ideal for a variety of light commercial and industrial applications.

  • Economical and functional
  • Comes standard with bottom seal
  • Great for a variety of commercial and industrial applications

Heavy Duty Rolling Steel Doors

Model 610

This rolling steel door is one of our most popular rolling steel doors, and there's a reason why.  You'll find that this rolling door has some impressive standard features available and options for customization.

Features at a glance:

  • Standard max width: 30' 4" (9246 mm)
  • Standard max height: 28' 4" (8636 mm)
  • Standard curved slat profile
  • Galvanized steel
  • Great for non-insulated heavy-duty commercial applications

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Model 620

The Stormtite™ Model 620 is also suitable for heavy-duty commercial applications.  This model provides additional weatherseals and interior hood baffle standard with more options for advanced perimeter protection than the Model 610.

Features at a glance:

  • Standard max width: 30' 4" (9246 mm)
  • Standard max height: 28' 4" (8636 mm)
  • Flat slat profile
  • Added seal protection around door

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Model 625

The Stormtite™ Model 625 is an insulated, heavy-duty rolling steel service door that is a great choice for buildings that are needed a moderate level of thermal protection.

Features at a glance:

  • Insulated rolling steel door
  • Air infiltration package that meets IECC code
  • Great for thermal performance

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Fire Doors

Model 640: FireKing® Rolling Fire Door


  • Fire-rated counter door
  • 22-gauge primed galvanized steel
  • NFPA-80 compliant
  • 3 hour UL Class A for masonry applications
  • 1-1/2 hour UL Class B label for non-masonry fire walls

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Rolling Sheet Doors

Model 770SS

Features at a glance:

  • Quality door that installs easily
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • 26-gauge steel with quick-connect components
  • Smooth operation and long-life

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 Advanced Performance Rolling Doors

RapidSlat® Model 611

  • High cycle for increased productivity
  • Fenestration on slats provide more security than security grilles
  • Great for parking garages, banks, manufacturing facilities, and any other opening that needs to be secure.

insulated rolling steel doors

Stormtite™ AP Model 627 Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door

  • Insulated advanced rolling service door
  • High cycle performance and security
  • Best for industrial manufacturing facilities, government facilities, public buildings, climate controlled facilities, and shipping and receiving docks

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 Springless Rolling Service Doors

EverServe™ Heavy-Duty Springless Service Doors

Model 610S

  • Longer life than standard service door
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for parking garages

Model 620S

  • Best suited for exterior applications
  • Long life with springless design
  • Perimeter seals protect against harsh weather

Model 625S

  • Insulated springless service door that's long lasting
  • Best for extreme weather areas
  • Perimeter seals provide additional protection