Opener Photo-Eye Sensors

Overhead Door Company of Lubbock has garage door photo-eyes or sensors added when installing a garage door system.

Photo-eyes or safety sensors work by using a infrared beam to stop and reverse the garage door if something passes through while the door is closing.

Overhead Door's Self-Diagnostic Safe-T-Beam® System will alert homeowners if the beams were installed improperly. These safety beams also have a feature that uses red and green LED lights to self-diagnose the issue.

If you need your garage door sensors fixed or replaced then give us a call today.

safety sensors for garage doors

Did you know it's a law from the Safety Commission that all residential garage door openers have a safety device installed?

These safety devices have many names so here's a few you might here:

  • Sensors
  • Safety beams
  • Photo-eyes
  • Safety sensors
  • Garage door stop sensors
  • Reversing system