Garage Door Spring Replacement

Did your spring break on your garage door?

Springs breaking are one of the most common service calls we get. The spring on your garage door is also one of the most important components of your door system. When the spring breaks, you're garage door opener won't be able to operate efficiently and most times your door won't open at all.

Need your garage door spring replaced?

The garage door spring is an essential part of your garage door system as it assists in weight reduction of the door so you or your opener can easily lift it.  When the garage door spring breaks, your door becomes too heavy to life, even with an opener.  This is why it's important to give our garage door technicians a call when your spring breaks.

There are two type of springs for a garage door:

Torsion spring replacement

Torsion springs are the springs you'll find going across the top of your garage door on the wall.  This spring is winded and has an incredible amount of tension. Torsion spring replacements should always be done by a professional since they require special tools such as winding bars. The job is also extremely dangerous if you're not trained and know what you're doing.

Extension spring replacement

Extension springs are the springs that run across the sides of your garage door system. They'll go from the wall your door is on, towards the direction of your garage door opener. One end of the extension spring is attached to a bracket and the other end (with a pulley) is attached to a cable which is pinned to the bottom of the door.  When the garage door is closed, the spring will be extended or stretched. When your garage door is open, the coils of the spring will be together. Extension springs are also very dangerous to replace on your own, unless you are a trained professional it's always best to contact your local garage door repair company for this type of job.

If you need a reputable, locally owned and operated garage door repair company to replace your spring, call us at 806-797-4141 or email us at [email protected]